jQuery 3.0 beta released on 10th Anniversary
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jQuery 3.0 beta released on 10th Anniversary

While browsing through feedly, I noticed this pretty big (but somehow underwhelming) annoucement.

First released in 2006, jQuery turned ten years old today.  Along with their anniversary, 3.0 beta was unveiled.

Love it or hate it.

jQuery powers a tremendous amount of the web.  According to buildwith.com jQuery accounts for over 28% of javascript used over the enitre internet.


Obligatory Meme:


Does it matter?

In the age of Angular, Metor, and the million other libraries that seem to pop up daily. jQuery 3.0 doesn’t seem to making much of a wave.  If anything, there seems to be a fairly univeral push among developers to move past the library.

Nonetheless, we’ll likely continue to see it all over the web for the next 10 years.

A last note to the jQuery team: thanks for making javascript accessible to developers for the last decade, you’ve made the web better.